Compatible with your device
Compatible with your network

ACLS data relay service can run on all your devices, providing you with cross-platform high-quality services. In addition, you can also connect with us through all your operators, and you can get a unified high-speed experience.

Data encryption and obfuscation
not affected by QoS

Your request will be transmitted encrypted, and at the same time, ACLS can confuse it as ordinary traffic to avoid network speed adjustment by the operator. In addition, using the characteristics of the network, your network egress will no longer be regulated by the operator.

Transmitting data
within a private network

Your data is transmitted through ACLS's encrypted private tunnel without external interference or QoS, eliminating the trouble of configuring low-performance encryption modes on the client side.

Exchange data with content partners

Through peer-to-peer interconnection with hundreds of content providers through Internet exchange centers located in Seattle and London, users can enjoy faster and more stable connections when downloading programs from the App Store, watching online movies, and listening to streaming music.

Go to the Internet now
as you wish

All the services and data you need are now in place and will be delivered at high speed via ACLS.