AyuCLoud is an efficient international data transfer service

AyuCLoud is designed with a multi-layer infrastructure to provide you with fast and stable international network access.

AyuCLoud Design for International Innovators


We provide AyuCLoud service for freelancers and individual users, allowing them to access the Internet at high speed.


We provide AyuCLoud services to teams and start-ups to help them thrive globally.


We help developers access all the resources they need to extend compatibility with AyuCLoud.

Larger capacity network for everyone

You can rely on AyuCLoud for any need. AyuCLoud serves up to 60 Gbps of total edge server bandwidth. From simple web browsing to multiple streaming media, sports game services, AyuCLoud can do it all.

Access content providers faster than ever

By peering with hundreds of content providers on 6 different Internet exchanges, with AyuCLoud you can access faster than ever Services like Netflix, Apple App Store, and Spofity.

Full list of peering partners

Peering partners.

Our peering partners across 14 Internet exchanges include Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Cloudflare and thousands of content providers.

Edge server.

You can also access edge servers located in several countries. Enjoy a rich variety of edge servers and access any resource you like.

Fast and stable.

Benefit from AyuCLoud service, your international network access will be very stable and fast. Use our resources to create more value.

Rich third-party application compatibility

AyuCLoud service is compatible with great apps on many platforms. These apps are developed by many innovative companies and developers. ACLS is always happy to provide optimized configurations for the best third-party applications.

Compatible Apps List

*These applications are not developed by ACLS, ACLS provides configuration options only for the better ones. ACLS is also not obliged to provide you with program downloads. Before using AyuCLoud services on iOS devices, you first need to purchase these applications yourself. The delisting of some apps in China is not decided by ACLS, you should contact Apple or register an Apple ID in other countries or regions by yourself in order to download these apps.